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Since 1984, Sunset Linen has been a premier linen and uniform rental company providing top-rated full-service commercial laundry and cleaning services throughout Northern California.

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Explore Sunset's comprehensive range of healthcare linens, apparel, uniforms, and floor mats—all available for a budget-friendly weekly fee. Our inclusive package covers weekly pickup, cleaning, and delivery. Benefit from our diverse services, including uniform supply, linen supply, medical uniform service, hospitality solutions, and premium restaurant and winery linens.

Explore our extensive selection of medical linens, available for rental, direct purchase, or lease. Our offerings encompass essential linen items, patient linens, bed linens, bath linens, and surgical linens.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we uphold the utmost standards of cleanliness and quality. Our specialized laundering and ironing processes, carefully monitored, safeguard medical linens against bacterial contamination. Surgical and medical linens are meticulously wrapped to prevent external contamination. We strictly adhere to Title 22 recommendations and implement universal (standard) precautions.

Sunset Linen & Uniform is your all-encompassing destination for uniforms and apparel services in Northern California. Whether you're in need of uniform rental, sales, or laundry services, we've got you covered.

Explore our extensive collection featuring specialized uniforms such as medical scrubs, chef coats, butcher wraps, lab coats, and industrial work uniforms. From healthcare facilities to culinary environments and industrial settings, Sunset provides tailored solutions to meet your distinct needs. Elevate your professional image with our diverse range of high-quality uniforms!

Vector art of a pile of folded linen.

Discover our expertise in providing top-notch linens for diverse occasions and professional requirements. Our extensive range caters to various industries, including healthcare, hotels, wineries, food service, restaurants, spas, and casinos.

At Sunset, we go the extra mile by offering eco-friendly linens, presenting a sustainable alternative for your business. Elevate your commitment to environmental responsibility with our premium and eco-conscious linen options.

Vector art of a mop

Leave a lasting impression with custom logo floor mats that warmly welcome your customers as they step through your front door. Not only do these mats enhance aesthetics, but they also play a vital role in keeping your floors pristine and protecting against spills and potential slips.

At Sunset Linen & Uniform, we offer a specialized commercial floor mat cleaning service. Our comprehensive floor mat services encompass cleaning, delivery, rental, and replacement of commercial mats, entrance mats, and more. Prioritize safety, cleanliness, and a polished look for your business with our dedicated floor mat solutions.



Sunset Linen caters to a range of business needs with its rental linen and direct purchase programs, offering solutions for one-time or special occasional rentals. Additionally, our services extend to customers who need their own linens, uniforms, or medical laundry washed.

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Uniform shirts, pants, and jackets make a strong first impression.

For all your uniform, custom logo mats, linens, and other product needs, we tailor a service plan to align with your goals. Our scheduled pick-up service ensures the exchange of soiled linens with professionally cleaned, high-quality replacements. As a proud member of the CSC Network, the nation's largest alliance of independent launderers, Sunset leverages unparalleled purchasing influence, allowing us to extend significant savings to you.

Vector art of a champagne bottle with the cork popping

From captivating table linens to luxurious bed linens, stylish aprons to plush towels, we offer a diverse selection to add flair and sophistication to your memorable occasions.

Sunset Linen offers one-time or recurring special event rentals. Contact us for a complete list of products available for your special event. Whatever your function, we've got it covered!

Vector art of a uniform shirt

Sunset Linen provides services to customers who own their own linen, uniforms, and medical laundry.

Sunset Linen employs a "batch" washing approach for all customer-owned items. This method ensures that your goods are handled separately from those of other customers, processed according to your unique requirements. With a swift turnaround and reliable delivery, Sunset treats your belongings with the same care as if they were our own.

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Buy directly from Sunset and benefit from our access to the CSC Network Purchasing Group's affordable prices.

Sunset is proudly affiliated with the CSC Network Purchasing Group, the largest alliance of independent launderers in the nation. Leveraging the strength of the CSC Network, Sunset acquires unparalleled buying power, allowing us to extend valuable cost savings directly to you.



Sunset Linen owners and employees standing in front of a fleet of trucks with the Sunset Linen and Uniform logos on the trucks.

Our Story

Established in 1984, Sunset Linen & Uniform has been a dedicated service provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our clientele spans across Sonoma County, Napa County, Marin County, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, and Santa Clara County, showcasing the breadth of our regional presence. From Santa Rosa to various corners of Northern California, our family-owned and independently operated company remains steadfast in delivering exceptional personal service and fostering lasting customer relationships. We stand by the assurance of quality in both our services and products.

Our Strengths

Sunset Linen & Uniform is known for its excellent quality, competitive prices, and long-term relationships with customers. We take pride in being a local business, cherishing the unique connections we've forged with other small enterprises. We embrace and value the community spirit that comes with supporting one another, fostering a network of local businesses dedicated to mutual growth and success. Our commitment extends beyond providing quality products and services; it encompasses the celebration of our shared journey as vibrant contributors to the local business landscape.

Technological Leadership

Sunset Linen & Uniform’s state-of-the-art technology works for you to save time, money and resources. Our equipment and workflow management improves efficiency, conserves resources, and increases turnaround time, enabling us to produce a better product and offer competitive prices. Interested in details? Learn about how we are using advanced technology to provide the greenest possible products and services

Financial Strength

Sunset boasts robust management, an exceptional customer service team, strong banking relationships, and a steadily expanding and loyal customer base. As a proud member of the CSC Network, the nation's largest alliance of independent launderers, Sunset gains unsurpassed buying power.

Customer Commitment

Our commitment extends beyond the transactional – we provide personal, dedicated customer service and sales support. Sunset Linen strives to deliver quality products and timely scheduled deliveries to its customers, all within budget. Every item we provide passes through the highest quality control inspections in the industry so that you can count on delivery of best-in-class products that your business relies upon. See what our customers say about us!

Meet The Team

Mike Erwin – President

Mike Erwin, a Sonoma County resident since 1954, is deeply rooted in the community. A graduate of Santa Rosa High School and an alumnus of Santa Rosa Junior College, Mike's journey in the laundry business began at a young age. His determination to own a business led him to drive a laundry truck for eight years, work in linen washing and packaging, and rise to the role of a supervisor. Mike's hands-on experience provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the laundry industry. In 1984, he fulfilled his dream by acquiring small linen, uniform, and dust control businesses across Northern California. Through tireless effort and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Sunset Linen & Uniform has evolved into one of the most esteemed independent laundries north of San Francisco. Guided by Mike's leadership, the company remains at the forefront of the industry, excelling in automation and championing environmental practices.

Andrea Erwin – Vice President

Andrea Bahr Erwin is a Sonoma County native who proudly calls it home. A graduate of Montgomery High School and attendee of Santa Rosa Junior College, Andrea comes from a family of entrepreneurs, instilling in her a knack for business and project management. Beyond her professional endeavors, Andrea is the best mom in the world to three children- two daughters and a son. Married to Mike Erwin since 1998, the couple envisions their children actively participating in the future of Sunset Linen. Andrea takes joy in collaborating with the community and is thrilled to contribute her expertise to one of Northern California's most environmentally friendly linen companies.

Braden Bahr – General Manager

Braden is a true local with roots in Healdsburg and a Santa Rosa upbringing. After graduating from Montgomery High School, he attended Santa Rosa Junior College and completed his degree at Chico State University, where he graduated with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Speech Communications. Post-college, Braden ventured into real estate appraising, founding his own business that kept him engaged for nine fulfilling years. Transitioning to production management, he served as the Director of Building Operations for five years for the renowned traveling art exhibit, Ashes and Snow. Now, as the General Manager for Sunset Linen, Braden brings a wealth of high-level management and production experience, making him a key driving force behind our operations.

Isabella Erwin– Sales and Service Representative

Isabella embarked on her educational journey at Cardinal Newman High School before spending two years at Chapman University. She later earned her bachelor's degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Currently, Isabella works in the customer service domain at Sunset Linen, where her passion lies in connecting with people and fostering meaningful relationships with small businesses across the Bay Area.

Angela Greenwell – Office Supervisor

Angela was born and raised in Calaveras County. She moved to Santa Rosa in 1990. She started working for Sunset Linen & Uniform in 1991, and has been with the company for over 20 years. Angela is a conscientious employee and an integral member of the Sunset team.

William Burge –

William is a native of Chicago who has called California home for 25 years. William has over 24 years experience in Maintenance Engineering. He has worked as lead mechanic for production lines, as a bottling manufacturing supervisor, and as a team member of quality control and quality assurance. Prior to joining Sunset Linen & Uniform he was the maintenance supervisor for a food production plant.

Alejandro (Alex) Cruz Perez – Plant Supervisor

Alex as born in Michoacán, Mexico, and now resides in Santa Rosa with his wife and two children. Alex has worked for Sunset Linen & Uniform since 2001. He assists with equipment maintenance and coordinates the flow of work in the plant. During his off time Alex enjoys time with his family and playing in a local soccer league.

We Are Green

Sunset Linen & Uniform is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We incorporate environmentally responsible practices in every aspect of our business. Sunset continuously monitors production equipment and machinery to ensure maximum operating efficiency. We regularly evaluate detergents, processes, packaging, and products used to monitor their impact on the environment.

Facility Modifications

Over the past 30 years, we have made significant modifications to our facility and implemented methods to reduce the use of energy, water, and consumables. Here are a few of the conservation measures we have employed here at Sunset:

  • Installed high-efficiency lighting,

  • Installed and maintain a heat reclamation system. We reclaim heat from our waste water to heat incoming water. The system recycles water at 110˚,

  • Operate and maintain a Continuous Batch Tunnel Washer designed to reduce water consumption by 50%,

  • Our delivery drivers use handheld computers to streamlines their routes reduce fuel consumption;

  • Uniforms are folded to reduce hanger use by 30–40%,

  • Hanger recycling to further reduce our hanger use by an additional 30%,

  • Sunset recycles all textiles, as well as making charitable donations to help homeless shelters. 


Green Alternatives

We offer cost-effective, green alternatives to laundering in household washers or unregulated sites where untreated wastewater is discharged into the local sewer system. Sunset helps reduce the amount of disposable products whose manufacture, packaging and distribution consume vast and valuable resources. Consider the financial and environmental benefits of using:

  • Cloth napkins instead of paper,

  • Cloth towels instead of paper,

  • Heavy-duty aprons instead of paper or plastic aprons,

  • Re-usable clean-up rags instead of paper towels or toss-away rags,

  • Professional quality dust and wet mops instead of one time disposable mops.


Textile Rental Services Association Member and LaundryESP® Participant

As a member of Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA), Sunset participates in the Laundry Environmental stewardship Program (LaundryESP®) and sustainable laundering practices.


The LaundryESP® tells the story of the textile services industry’s positive impact on environmental protection. This voluntary pollution prevention and resource conservation program enables TRSA to facilitate the industry’s continued commitment to increasingly efficient use of natural resources. It is a cost-effective and flexible methodology for tracking improvement and creating more sustainable business practices.

Results compiled since 1997 demonstrate to the industry’s customers and regulators and environmental groups that textile service operations have made great strides in instituting company-specific initiatives that advance LaundryESP®’s mission. A wealth of data quantifies these improvements and proves that voluntary participation fosters individual corporate responsibility. LaundryESP® has helped members achieve significant reductions per pound of textile laundered since 1997 including:

  • 24% reduction in CO2 emissions

  • 27% reduction in total energy consumption, including

  • 26% reduction in natural gas

  • 9% reduction in electricity

  • 75% reduction in fuel oil

  • 81% decline in propane

  • 30% in all hydrocarbon (production) fuels

  • 10.9 trillion BTU reduced

  • 33% reduction in gallons of water


Our business is naturally “green” with its reusable products and best practices such as the recycling of water, recapturing of heat and overall reductions in energy usage. The LaundryESP® program, developed with the EPA, demonstrates our industry’s commitment to sustainable operations.

Survey Results Attest to Efficiencies

The LaundryESP® Facility Data Survey of TRSA member companies produced the above results. The most recent such questionnaire covered members' environmental performance from 2007 through 2009, crowning the accumulation of 13 years of year-by-year data on these parameters plus each facility's production (volume of textiles cleaned, hours of operation), wastewater treatment and discharge, sludge generation and management, and other variables.


LaundryESP® Member Roster

More than 800 laundry facilities have provided data for at least one of the 13 years the survey has spanned, with the number of responding locations ranging in any single year from about 400 to about 650. For the most recent iteration of the survey, covering 2007 through 2009, 539 facilities provided data, many of which are part of multi-location operations represented on this roster.

TRSA and EPA: Allies in Resource Conservation

TRSA presents LaundryESP® results to EPA to demonstrate the industry's progress in resource conservation and pollution reduction. Previous audiences within the agency have included officials from the Engineering Analysis Division, Office of Water; and Design for the Environment Program, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics. Collaborating with the agency on LaundryESP® also provides an opportunity to discuss issues with EPA representatives to ensure the industry is subjected to only fair, balanced environmental regulation.


“Sunset Linen is by far the best linen service company we’ve worked with in our 40 years in business. The people are beyond amazing. Every person I’ve ever dealt with has gone above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of. If you need something they make sure it happens. The prices are great to boot.”

Melissa Minton

General Manager

Community Market

“I have had a professional working relationship with Sunset Linen for many years now. A perfect balance of quality products and amazing service. Their well-trained drivers make the delivery process very easy. They are professional, clean, and a well-organized group.”

Ryan Fancher

Barndiva Restaurant, Healdsburg

“Sunset Linen has been a joy to work with. They are always willing to help me out in a pinch, the customer service and quality product is unsurpassed in the linen business.”

Dave Bush

Executive Chef at St. Francis Winery & Vineyards

“We began our relationship with Sunset Linen when we took over the spa at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel. Sunset Linen took the time and energy to guide us through the process and answered all of our questions. Sunset is wonderful to work with. They catered to our needs and went above and beyond the call of duty to make our business a success.”

Maria and Charles

Le Carre Salon & Spa at Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel

“We have utilized the services of Sunset Linen for almost 10 years. The staff is consistently professional and accommodating. Their customer service has been exceptional. I would recommend them.”

Dean Sullivan, CNMT

Imaging Center Manager

NorCal Imaging, Oakland

“Sunset Linen has supplied our growing business for many years. They have never missed a delivery and make special deliveries to us when we're super busy. There's no stress for us as we de-stress in Santa Rosa and Sonoma. I recommend Sunset to any business in need of their services!”

Sharon Cohn

Massage Envy Spa




3016 Dutton Avenue

Santa Rosa, CA



Mon - Fri: 8am - 4:30pm

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